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Losing a family member at any time can be devastating.  Losing a family member in a fatal accident can be particularly traumatizing due to the unexpected nature of their death.  Not only have you lost a loved one, but you may also have to deal with increased responsibilities for your remaining family members. If you have lost a family member due to someone else’s negligence, we can provide you with the advice and representation you need to obtain compensation for your loss, leaving you free to grieve and take care of your family.

A wrongful death claim can be filed by a spouse, child, parent, grandparent, grandchild or sibling of the deceased.  In order to make a legal claim for wrongful death, the fatal accident must have been caused by the negligence or recklessness of another person, not the deceased.  In addition, the death must have resulted in damages for the surviving family members.  The financial damages resulting from a wrongful death claim usually occur when the deceased provided either financial support or care for other members of the family.  You may also be able to claim compensation for medical expenses, funeral expenses and lost wages that were caused when you and other family members were unable to work due to the death.

Any type of accident may result in a wrongful death claim, including motor vehicle accidents, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, medical malpractice, workplace accidents and accidents caused by faulty products.

Obviously you can never be financially compensated for the loss of a loved one.  However, our skilled wrongful death lawyers can ensure that you are compensated for the financial damages associated with your loss so that you can continue to care for your family.  Contact Girones Lawyers as soon as possible after a fatal accident to preserve your legal rights.


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