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Boat Accident Lawyers

In Ontario, we are fortunate to have a vast number of lakes and rivers, including the Great Lakes water system, at our disposal.  As a result, boating, fishing, waterskiing and other water sports are extremely popular during the warmer months.  While everyone who operates a motorized boat in Canada must have a Pleasure Craft Operator’s License, or boat license, accidents still happen.  The Lifesaving Society reported statistics in 2000 indicating that over one quarter of all boating-related deaths in Canada occur in Ontario.  Most deaths resulting from boating accidents are caused by the victims’ failure to wear a PFD.  Boat accidents can also result in trauma, particularly in the case of a collision with another boat or obstacle.

The popularity of many Ontario waterways means that anyone operating a boat must watch out for obstacles, other watercraft (particularly those in smaller craft such as canoes, kayaks or inflatable boats), and swimmers.  Because boaters need to be alert and focused on possible dangers, many boating accidents occur when the operator has been consuming alcohol or when visibility is poor.   Accidents may also occur when an owner has not kept the boat in adequate repair, or when the operator is not sufficiently familiar with the body of water.

Insurance for boaters is not mandatory in Ontario, as it is for most other forms of recreational vehicle. However, many boating accidents are covered under homeowners’ insurance.  You may be entitled to compensation for your damages if you have been injured in a boat accident, or if a family member has been seriously injured or died. Your law relating to your accident may be quite complex, particularly if the boat was uninsured, the operator didn’t have a valid boat license, or the boat was borrowed from the owner. The experienced boat accident lawyers at Girones can help you to preserve and enforce your legal rights.



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