Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

motorcycle_accident_lawyerBecause motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles on Ontario’s roads and highways, they may be more difficult for other drivers to see.  Even safe and responsible riders wearing the proper safety equipment, including a helmet, can be involved in a serious accident.

Motorcycle accidents often result in more severe injuries than other motor vehicle accidents due to:

  • The rider being thrown from the motorcycle
  • The rider being crushed or dragged under the motorcycle
  • The rider having little protection from larger vehicles, the roadway or any other solid obstacles.

The experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at Girones understand the complexities involved in this type of accident and will help to protect your rights so that you can concentrate on recovering.  A severe injury may introduce new complications to your daily life.  You may be unable to work or require certain accommodations in the workplace.  You may require weeks or months of rehabilitation and therapy.  You may require the use of mobility devices or aides such as a wheelchair or a prosthetic limb. You may require help around the house to complete your daily tasks.  The last thing you want to deal with at this time is money.  Unfortunately, your road to recovery may include many unexpected expenses.

The lawyers at Girones will analyze your case and ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation to which you are entitled.  This may include both statutory accident benefits and compensation from suing the driver or drivers at fault for the accident.  It is important that you consult with a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible after your accident.  There are time limits within which applications for benefits and lawsuits must be filed.  If you are physically unable to travel to see your lawyer, accommodations can be made.  Delays may cost you more than you can afford to lose.  Contact Girones Lawyers today.



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