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Brain Damage at Birth Caused by Lack of Oxygen, Not a Clotting Factor.

This post was written by Andrea Girones:

March 24th 2015.  Recently our firm represented a young man injured at birth. The child sustained a severe brain injury leaving him with the mind of a toddler, inside the body of a 14 year old. CT and MRI images revealed that there was atrophy of the brain cells in various parts of the brain which was indicative  of a severe asphyxial event.

In other words, the doctors and nurses at the delivery failed to notice that this child was suffering from oxygen deprivation in the womb. By the time the baby was born, the brain damage was irreversible. The traumatic delivery also lead to an injury to the baby’s hand which resulted in amputation of one hand.

After many years, the mother and father found our law firm and we commenced an action against the delivering doctor and nurses, as well as the hospital.

The baby was later diagnosed as having a clotting disorder. Defence medical experts tried to show that this clotting disorder was the actual cause of the baby’s injury, and obtained medical evidence to show that there were signs of a stroke near the baby’s brain stem.

Our office consulted with  an expert pediatric neuroradiologist, a neonatologist  and pediatric neurologist to review the case and original MRI images, and provided evidence to counter the defence arguments. Experts in hematology and clotting disorder were also consulted.  The matter settled at mediation for over $9 million dollars for the child and his family.



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