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Complex case involving medical malpractice, disability insurance and a slip and fall

This post was written by Andrea Girones:

In 2013, Ms. Girones finally settled the last of three lawsuits commenced on behalf of a client who had a series of complex legal issues.

  • This client was first injured in a slip and fall in a puddle of water where her knee was significantly damaged. A lawsuit commenced against the fast food establishment that had a leaky toilet in the washroom and was eventually settled after Discoveries.
  • Sometime later, during the surgery to repair the damaged knee the surgeon negligently damaged a nerve and artery causing new and very disabling injuries. A lawsuit was commenced against the surgeon for medical malpractice during the surgery. The victim could no longer work after this surgery. This case was settled after discoveries, motions, mediation and a judicial pre-trial.
  • Finally a lawsuit had to be commenced against the victim’s long term disability carrier, who refused to pay ongoing benefits to this client despite all of the medical evidence indicating that she was permanently disabled.

It took almost 5 years to eventually resolve all of this clients’ legal issues with the cases totalling over a million dollars in damages.



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