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I’m hurt, unable to work and broke. How can I possible afford a lawyer?

This post was written by Andrea Girones:

August 24th, 2016 – Depending on how you were hurt you may be able to hire a lawyer on a deferred fee basis. A contingency agreement with a law firm means that you will only pay the lawyer’s fees if, and when,  the case is resolved for a monetary amount. The law firm  essentially agrees to fund the case and collect their fees out of the settlement funds at the end.

This system benefits the client in several ways.

  • The client can obtain the services of an experienced lawyer without having to pay thousands of dollars up front.
  • The lawyer is motivated to get the most money for the client as the fees are typically based a percentage of the award. The more money for the clients, the higher the fee collected by the lawyer.
  • The lawyer wants to move the case FAST so he or she can be paid in a timely way. There is no dragging the case out to get more in the way of fees.
  • There is no financial risk on the client. If the case is lost or must be dismissed early, the client pays nothing.

Furthermore, in Canada all contingency fees in cases involving children must be approved by the Court. So there is oversight on this process to protect children and their parents from unreasonable fees.

This fee approach will not work in all cases, as there must be a high probability of a lump sum award up-on resolution of the case.  The lawyer must first evaluate the merits of the case. When an  insurance company is involved, the firm is more  likely to take a case on a contingency fee basis as typically there are no problems collecting the award from such companies.

Our firm accept many cases on a contingency fee basis. The types of cases include long term disability denials, birth injury cases, dog bites as well as personal injury and car accident cases.

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