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Why Is My Long Term Disability Insurance Company Giving Me the Run-Around?

This post was written by Andrea Girones:

We get this question all the time in our office in Ottawa.

When you are on long term disability or need to be, you don’t have the energy to keep running around gathering information for the insurance company. Insurance companies know this and will exhaust you until you give up trying.

At Girones Lawyer office we find that sometimes all it takes is ONE LETTER from our office to get the show on the road. And, if they maintain a ridiculous refusal we will start a law suit for you for free, and only take our fees at the end of the case. Most of these cases settle at mediation within months.

Please call 1-866-701-5811 or enter your contact information into this Potential New Client Form to arrange your free intital consultation

As well my office, and my team of paralegals will help gather the documents you need and present the arguments that will convince the insurance companies to reconsider their position.

The law says that insurance companies owe you a duty of good faith and cannot behave poorly in adjudicating your claim. So they often “pretend” they are reviewing your claim, or encourage yet another “appeal” letter from your doctors while they just endlessly delay making a decision. They are waiting for you and/or your doctors to get fed up.

Don’t let these companies scare you away. Please give our office a call to get the help you need taking on this battle when you are sick and unwell. There are no fees until and unless we resolve your case.

Andrea Girones has been fighting insurance companies for over 20 years and would be happy to talk for free to you, or a family member going through this battle. Call us at 1-866-701-5811

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