4 reasons to call a birth trauma lawyer now ( Even if the limitation doesn’t expire until age 18)

This post was written by Andrea Girones:

October 29th, 2015

Many parents who are dealing with a child injured at birth are facing a difficult time. All their energy is devoted to caring for the child. Even though the limitation to sue for a baby does not expire for 20 years there are good reasons to call a birth injury lawyer now.

  • Early medical interventions

The most important reason is that early compensation means your family can afford specialized treatment.  Early intervention with physical and occupational therapists can help your disabled child lead a more rewarding life. Your child can also benefit from assistive devices and medical therapies sooner, rather than later. Additional funds can also help parents get the respite care they require.


  • The doctor/nurse/midwife may die.

In the event that a doctor passes away there is a strict 2 year time limit to sue the estate. By at least contacting a lawyer’s office the law firm can monitor the situation to make sure all legal deadlines are met.


  • Documents get lost or destroyed.

Although now medical records are often kept electronically, it is important to gather the treating doctor’s office file to make sure all evidence to prove neglect is available. The longer you wait the more you risk having evidence destroyed.


  • Memories fade.

Unless you have the entire birth recorded on video (and if you do please preserve that tape!) you may need the evidence of witnesses who were in the delivering room, such as nurses or technicians. The sooner an investigation begins, the sooner your law firm can gather witness statements which help to preserve memories.

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