A Teenage Birth Injury Victim Obtains Compensation After the Successful Resolution of Her Lawsuit.

This post was written by Andrea Girones:

September 2016 – Girones Lawyers has successfully resolved another case involving a birth brachial plexus injury.

Young Melissa (name and certain details changed to protect confidentiality) was born 16 years ago in a large hospital in south-western Ontario. Melissa’s birth was complicated by the medical condition known as Shoulder Dystocia, meaning the shoulder of the baby was trapped behind the mother’s pubic bone. The doctor had to pull vigorously on the baby’s head to deliver her.

After she was finally delivered, Melissa sustained a fractured left clavicle, bruising to the left eye and face, and her left arm had no movement.

Melissa would eventually be diagnosed with a ruptured brachial plexus nerve injury. Despite medical attempts to repair and reconstruct the nerves, Melissa would never have full use of her left arm.

The impact on young Melissa’s life was significant. Not only was she physically unable to keep up and do the usual activities of other young women, she was also mercilessly teased and bullied from elementary school through to high school. She had to be home schooled and suffers from an almost paralyzing anxiety and deep, disabling depression.

While a financial award will never bring her arm and mental health back, the funds will allow her to survive as she grows older and may have difficulty maintaining full-time employment. She will be able to afford extra therapies aimed at reducing the pain and stresses on her body and to address her emotional well being.

All legal resolutions involving children under the age of 18 are approved by the court and Melissa will benefit from an annuity that will provide guaranteed tax-free income to her as long as she lives.

Permanent brachial plexus injuries and permanent Erb’s palsy are rare complications of birth and not considered a natural occurrence. Almost all such injuries involve medical negligence.

Girones Lawyers has a proven track record of obtaining settlements and trial judgements for victims of birth medical malpractice and in Erb’s Palsy cases. We will investigate all such cases for free, anywhere in Canada.

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