Beware of lawyers who call YOU after a serious accident.

This post was written by Andrea Girones:

December 11th, 2015     Unsolicited phone calls from  personal injury lawyers after a serious car accident are just wrong.  I have had many clients get calls from lawyers they do not know and did not contact, usually from outside the Ottawa area , wanting to meet with them after they are home from the hospital.

How did that lawyer get your home phone number? And your name?  And how did they know you were in an accident?

The only way they could know is if someone willingly, maybe even for money, betrayed your privacy.

Maybe it was  a tow truck driver, or a hospital staff member, or an insurance rep, but someone betrayed your privacy and released your personal information to a total stranger to you.

Before letting these people into your home you need to decide if you really want your legal case in the hands of lawyers who have these side deals  that breached your privacy.

These lawyer will come to you house and  get you to sign all kinds of papers and will take copies of your identity documents like SIN numbers and driver’s licenses.  Sometimes you are still recovering from your injuries and on serious medication.

Be careful if you or a loved one are in a serious accident and are contacted directly by these kind of lawyers.   Injured people are very vulnerable after an accident and need a lot of help. Don’t just sign away more personal information to a strange lawyer without asking some key questions about how they found you.

At Girones Lawyers we will only contact you when you ask us to, and we  will never release your name to any other person without your express consent.

All of our consultations are free and most of our cases are based on a “No win No fee” basis.  Call us today 1-866-701-5811 or email me directly at agirones@gironeslaw.com

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