Getting your Disability Claim in the Covid Era

This post was written by Andrea Girones:

September 28, 2020 -As the economy re-opens after the COVID lockdown many people are experiencing severe mental health conditions. For some the condition is new, for others, their existing condition is aggravated by situations such as a return to a dangerous workplace.

Many people do not have workplace benefits that include sick leave, short and long term disability and that will be the topic of another post. However if you  have short nor long term disability insurance and need to access it for your mental health issues, here are some important tips

  • Prepare a list of your symptoms and how they affect your ability to function at work. Mental illness can affect productivity in different ways for different people.
  • Be as specific as you can. For instance, excessive fatigue, inability to sleep, low motivation, deep fears of failure, inability to finish a task, excessive errors,  headaches, body aches, an inability to talk to people or confront people can all be debilitating symptoms of depression or anxiety.
  • Next, set up a time with your family doctor to discuss a sick note from work. Most doctors offer a “virtual consultation” Again focus on your inability to work with specific examples.
  • Speak to your HR manager and get the details about your company’s sick leave policy ( paid and unpaid days), and disability insurance and ask for the application forms for short term disability.
  • Send the forms to your doctor along with the your list of functional problems.
  • Remember to avoid works like “stress” and “worry” and use words like “overwhelmed by basic tasks “ and “ inability to focus  resulting in errors at work” . Distinguish between your feelings and your functioning, where possible.
  • Follow up on all recommendation for therapy and other treatment.

Many doctors wish to support their clients and get them sick notes for mental illness. However unless  they focus on “work functions”  in the medical note, the disability claim may be denied.

Should your application  for short or long term disability be denied call us today for a free no obligation  consultation, at 1-800-701-5811 or send an email to agirones@gironeslaw.com  There are no fees until we get a settlement for you.


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