Preventing Bus and Truck Accidents

This post was written by Andrea Girones:

Large trucks make up a significant proportion of vehicles on Ontario roads and highways. The truck accident lawyers at Girones have seen many accidents involving large commercial vehicles result in death or severe permanent injury. Everyone can help prevent accidents involving transport trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, package delivery trucks and buses.

Drivers in smaller vehicles should be aware that larger trucks and buses function differently from smaller vehicles.  It takes a truck longer to slow down or stop.  Trucks have larger blind spots than smaller vehicles.  It is important for all drivers to be conscious of these differences and to drive with caution around larger commercial vehicles and buses.  A good rule of thumb is that if you cannot see a truck’s mirrors, the truck driver cannot see you.  Never assume that a truck driver sees you. When passing a truck, increase your speed so that you do not stay in the truck’s blind spot for an extended period of time.

Be aware that larger vehicles often have to pull out to the left before making a right-hand turn.  Other drivers should pay attention to a truck’s turn signals and never pass a large truck on the right.

Be cautious when pulling in front of any larger vehicle.  Their heavier weight makes breaking more difficult.  Never cut off a truck or commercial vehicle as this might lead to an accident.  It is particularly important to give large trucks a wide berth in wet or slippery conditions.

Truck drivers and owners of commercial vehicles also play a vital role in preventing truck accidents.  Truck driver fatigue is a common contributor to accidents.  Drivers can help prevent accidents by staying off the road if they are compromised by lack of sleep, health problems or medications.  Truck drivers can also reduce their speed in work zones, pay careful attention to vehicles in their blind spots and avoid aggressive driving.

Owners of fleets of commercial vehicles or buses can help prevent accidents by following a regime of vehicle maintenance and providing training for drivers.  Owners should realize that drivers may require more training than the training provided during licensing.  Drivers may need time to become familiar with a new vehicle before carrying a heavy load.  Drivers can often benefit from becoming familiar with a route, including the location of any run-away truck ramps, especially if they will be required to drive the route at night.

All drivers can help to prevent accidents involving large trucks and buses, which in turn can prevent serious injuries and death.


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