Property damage from Ontario’s storm? You may be entitled to home and car insurance claims

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Ontario was hit hard by a severe storm on May 21.


Here in Ottawa, winds peaked around 190 km/h and weather-related damages left hundreds of thousands of residents without power for days on end. 


If you live in an area affected by the storm, it’s likely that your property has experienced some kind of damage, whether it’s major damage to your home or vehicle, spoiled food, missing shingles, or damaged patio furniture. 


If this is the case, your losses might be covered by your insurance company.


Weather-related damage covered by insurance companies



While your policy may vary, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada your insurance company likely covers the following:


  • Damage to your home caused by hail, wind, snow, or rain, including: 
    • Losses caused by flying debris, falling branches, or trees 
    • Losses to your home and contents from water or snow entering your house through sudden openings caused by wind or hail 


  • Comprehensive auto insurance typically covers damages to vehicles caused by wind, hail, ice, or water 


  • Damage to mobile homes or trailers from wind may be covered 


Tips for filing a weather-related claim to your insurance company



If you have experienced damage due to the storm and would like to file a claim, take the following steps to prepare: 


  • Create a list of all damaged or destroyed items and take photos and videos of any damage to your home and/or vehicle. If possible, gather proof of purchase for any damaged items. The more details and documentation the better. 


  • Prevent further damage by boarding up windows or stopping leaks. 


  • Keep receipts of all clean-up, and living expenses if you’ve been displaced, and get repair estimates if possible. 


  • Speak with a lawyer before contacting your insurance company. It is possible that your specific insurance policy may not cover your damages, or your damages may be too small to make taking out a deductible worth it. 


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